Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Is the process of taking care of total amount compensated to the employees in return for the services they render to the company.

Usually, businesses delegate their payroll functions to reduce costs and to get much better solutions. Payroll Outsourcing is the easiest and most basic way of coping with your overall human resource, with reference to their employment-reimbursement.

A company’s payroll is time-consuming and frequently requires business secrecy involving a lot of measurements, PF, TDS, Income Tax, ESI tax estimations and also encouraging out with audits and investigations.

Payroll management can be fairly a difficult task for the new business enterprise owner. There are several federal governments and state laws controlling what you have to monitor associated with payroll. Many business owners use external payroll expert services. These companies promise conformity with all the relevant laws and regulations.


We at Orbis HR has now blossomed with a central team of devoted and proficient individuals like corporate financial analysts, tax consultants, chartered accountants and authorized luminary’s who are specialists in facilitating clientele to lessen a load of administrative capabilities and payroll producing on your account.

Our professionals will keep a check working hours’ management, attendance statutory reductions, payments of Govt expenses like EPF, Insurance, ESI, Record-keeping and submission of timely Profits. With minimum cost, your entire human resources will get reasonable compensation every month.

Just by trusting the whole exercising of Payroll to our specialists, you can feel comfortable that all your staff will get their monthly salaries, wages, remuneration and contractual repayments in a defined timeline without any complaint.

No matter what is the dimension of your business — small, medium or big, your Company accounts Section is totally pleased of the responsibilities pertaining to Payroll. You need not employ staff for Payroll duties and pay them a salary with added benefits. The cost-saving by this will be appreciable.

This helps to keep the company proprietor out of hassle with the law and helps you to save time that can be focused on anything else in the business.
Our Payroll Management System is fully incorporated with accounts and give’s the positive aspects of refined Payroll running and accounting.

Other strengths of Payroll Management Process are its comprehensive attributes and reviews, which gives you the power to manage and check many credentials like Employee Information, emoluments, tax deductions, leave, generate pay-slip at a convenience of a mouse click and hence one can manage your own security.