Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing

Applies to all the paid employees who have been working on a permanent basis for a long-term of more than one or more financial year and or have an assured renewal of their occupation long term contract and work for eight or more hours every day.

Permanent Staffing is presuming a great significance in the human resource process of each and every enterprise today. Picking out long term employees and acquiring them into the firm is a really serious obligation and very first precedence of all the companies to manage their business enterprise efficiently and with success.

These staffs are on the payroll of the company, accountable to every benefit provided by the company and are entitled to the medical benefits, gratuity policies, adhere to the 58 years slab for retirement policies.

Orbis HR assists with permanent IT/ Non-IT employment needs by furnishing 24* 7 accessibility to a varied pool of extremely proficient and knowledgeable industry experts to meet up with the strategic and long-term goal of an organization.


Our competence in permanent staffing and a network of recruiting experts to use client specific demands and consultative tactics to opt for a just right match for your business needs. It also enables in accomplishing its organization purpose by lessening all expenses that are often incurred when you hire, on- board and train new personnel.

The permanent staffing selection procedure is commonly maintained out by the agencies using strategies like streamlined sourcing, a selection from large databases, by means of advertisements, tailor-make recruitment approach, short listing and verification of clients along with proper follow-up.

In addition to positive aspects, job stability and progression possibilities, some business employers also offer you vacation, holiday and sick pay out to permanent staff. Full-time workers usually collect much more compensated vacation, holiday and sick hours than part-time workers because paid time off is generally computed on a proportion of total hours worked well.

One of the most prevalent rewards to a permanent job is company-subsidized insurance benefits. These usually include things like insurance policies, like as health, life, dental, vision, inability and accidental death. With most policies, spouse and family insurance coverage are also obtainable.

Our consulting process aims in locating the reliable talent at the right time to fulfil the employer’s desire both culturally and technically, capable of coping with the exceptional obstacles at any stage that resolve your staffing issues and have the potential to become everlasting assets for your group.