Temporary Staffing or Contractual staffing

Temporary Staffing or Contractual staffing

For corporations looking for talent employed pool for a shorter term period to fulfill its urgent prerequisites, Temporary Staffing is the most effective alternative.

All the short-term workers who have been employed for short-term work to be accomplished in a minimal interval with no assurance of renewal of employment agreement and that do the job for eight or more hours per day.

These employees may not be accountable to get all the benefits which the organization may provide to its full-time staff members.

A company also provides emoluments and benefits like insurance, vacations and sick days, pensions to these employees, while independent contractors generally do not receive such benefits. These workforces remain on rolls standard or contractual processes that we will deal with payroll and personnel administration, statutory compliance and other relevant ESIC and EPF schemes.


When things are doubtful, you may not want to retain long term workers on a full-time base. Temporary tasks can last for a few days, weeks or even months; usually cover up vacations, maternity leave, sick leave and seasonal or peak loads. Then a worker is hired for an indefinite span, as a temporary/ contractual employee.

With the help of primary, well-executed recruiting approach, we have a team of qualified industry experts who have designed a number of powerful strategies, applying an extensive database to meet the instant and changing requirements of the business for a precise period.

Orbis┬áHR has proven its experience in delivering flexible, cost- effective and accessibility to speedy sources to satisfy an organization’s momentary staffing needs. One can avail the pool of talents through our consulting and recruitment process without even getting them full-time, who can guide overloaded employees during crucial times and keep the project moving.

We provide temporary staffing for functions that range from IT, accounts, front office, back-end, marketing, and sales operations etc. The customer can use associates as temporary employees for a trial phase of the job; after a satisfactory trial period, a company has the option to add a temporary worker to its permanent staff; by shifting the employee from third party payroll to that of the business client.

We are one of the leading consulting successfully running with the use of outstanding resources and infrastructure wherein we customize an efficient staffing solution from a single person to an entire workforce based on client’s need and deliver to their anticipation.